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1.  Be respectful: We have all seen COPS on TV and remember the person who gets “mouthy” with the police.  While it may be funny to watch on TV, I can guarantee you that things did not go well for that person.  I can also guarantee you that if you are respectful to the arresting officers, they will do the same in return.  Remember, they are just people trying to do a tough job.  Nothing you say will change their mind; however, your comments can make things worse—they will end up in a police report.

2.  Ask to speak with an attorney: You have a right to an attorney.  Exercise that right.  The only information you should be telling the police is biographical (name, date of birth, address).

3.  Don’t speak unless spoken to: It is a rare occasion that someone can talk their way out of being arrested.  The best thing you can do is be quiet and only answer biographical questions.

4.  Remain calm: Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and try to relax.  You will survive this experience, but nothing will be gained if you lose your temper.  Let your attorney fight for your freedom.

5.  Remember that your day will come: Your arrest is not the time to make your case for freedom.  Do not resist the arresting officer.  Do not argue.  Do not respond to comments you find to be insulting.  Remember that your day in court will come.

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