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Federal Law | Denver Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer In Colorado

Federal charges are not the same as state charges.  It is important that you find a Denver criminal defense attorney who is skilled and experienced with federal law, the federal sentencing guidelines and the rules of federal court.

As an Assistant United States Attorney, I gained tremendous experience meeting with federal agents, appearing before federal judges, and representing the United States during federal jury trials.  I maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance, and have experience dealing with cases involving sensitive matters such as national security.

Strong Criminal Defense In Colorado

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Doug Richards is a Denver criminal defense attorney. A former federal prosecutor, he is knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about his practice. If you are facing state or federal criminal charges in Colorado, attorney Richards can represent you. Call (888) 888-5280 for a free consultation.