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Sex Crime Defense Starts Here

If you are currently being investigated or are actually charged with a sex crime, the time to act is NOW.  You must find excellent legal representation to represent you and present the truth in court.  Many attorneys do not accept these types of cases, and even fewer have experience handling them.  Every case is different.  Every case presents thorny, difficult issues and extremely harsh penalties.  You need someone who knows where to find answers.

These cases are not all the same; however, they all carry the same stigma.  It’s important to note that shame, embarrassment and prison are not the only consequences to this type of case.  Registration as a sex offender often follows.

As a prosecutor I was lead counsel on many of these cases.  This experience has given me a unique insight into how sex cases are investigated and prosecuted.  Call the Law Office of Douglas Richards and put this invaluable experience to work for you.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault of a Child

Sexual Assault of a Child by One in a Position of Trust

Habitual Sex Offender Against Children

Enticement of a Child

Sexual Exploitation of Children

Internet Exploitation of Children

Procurement of a Child for Sexual Exploitation

Internet Luring of a Child

Child Prostitution

Trafficking in Children

Child Pornography


Failure to Register as a Sex Offender



Public Indecency

Indecent Exposure

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Doug Richards is a Denver criminal defense attorney. A former federal prosecutor, he is knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about his practice. If you are facing state or federal criminal charges in Colorado, attorney Richards can represent you. Call (888) 888-5280 for a free consultation.