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Military Member Risks Losing Everything After Pulling Out His Gun in His Bedroom

While in his private bedroom within a shared dwelling, one military member unlocked his door to see one of the other residents angrily charging into his room. Worried for his safety, he drew his firearm and immediately stored it once the individual left. Charged with a felony for this encounter, the man’s entire military career was now at stake.

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The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees, “that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Constitution of the State of Colorado also guarantees your right to “keep and bear arms”.  However, state and federal law limit who may possess weapons, and where they may be carried.

Weapons charges in Colorado are especially serious because many of these crimes carry possible federal punishment.  It is extremely important that you immediately consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney who is experienced with federal crimes and dealing with federal law enforcement agencies.

Concealed Weapons Attorney | Concealed Firearms Law

In Colorado, it is illegal to carry a concealed knife or firearm.  You may, however, have a knife or firearm concealed if:

You’re at your own home;

You’re at your own place of business;

You’re on property that is under your control;

You’re traveling in your vehicle;

You have a written permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Dangerous Weapons in Colorado

There are certain weapons that are simply dangerous or illegal to possess, unless you meet specific exceptions.

Examples of dangerous weapons:

Firearm silencer;

Short shotgun or rifle;

Ballistic knife.

Examples of illegal weapons:


Gas guns;

Brass knuckles;

Switchblade knives.

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What is the punishment for a firearms or weapons charge?

If I do not want to fight the charge, is jail the only option?

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Previous Offender Arrested with a Gun

One personal trainer knew he needed legal help after he was arrested. Since he was a previous offender, he was worried about the consequences and sought out the team’s help at Richards Carrington.
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