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Looking At The Many Sides Of A Money Laundering Case

Denver criminal defense attorney Doug Richards is an experienced, knowledgeable attorney. After working in numerous money laundering cases, he has gained experience in dealing with the many intricacies these cases have. From the initial investigation, attorney Richards is always looking for the things his colleagues would miss, and always paying the utmost attention to detail.

“When I was a prosecutor, especially a federal prosecutor, and we were doing proactive investigations and we wanted to find the top person in an organization, the best way to do that is to track the money. Try to investigate money laundering or structuring offenses because the money always, always, always leads you back to the main person.

When I would have police officers and federal agents sitting in my office, we would sit there and they’d be really excited about some corruption case or drugs or these things that are being found. All the time, I’m thinking of where is this money going, and how can we track it? We utilized the money laundering statues in the United States Code extensively. They were very helpful in making cases.

Similarly, now that I’m a defense attorney and I’m working on these cases from the other side, it’s very clear that there is a lot of situations where there might be a money laundering in a investigation going on when it’s simply not the case. Based on my experience, I’m able to use that and show the prosecutor, show the agents, that they’re on the wrong case.”

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