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You can expect a criminal record check to be run on you when you apply for a job, mortgage, or even to live in an apartment complex.  Simply put: Your criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life! If you apply for college or graduate school, you may have to disclose your criminal record.  A blip on the record of an otherwise law-obedient life can haunt you and wreak havoc on your goals and dreams.

But there are some myths about expunging/clearing your record in Colorado.

Myth 1: I was arrested out of the state of Colorado.  Nobody in Colorado is ever going to find out.

Myth 2: I was arrested such a long time ago, there’s no way my arrest record can effect me now.

Myth 3: I’m not a government employee so it simply doesn’t affect me.

Myth 4: I was arrested, but never charged or convicted so I don’t have a record.

Myth 5: My criminal record will clear itself in 7 years, just like bad credit.

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