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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Client Testimonials

Choosing The Right Denver Attorney

Criminal defense attorney Doug Richards knows that hiring a lawyer is a complicated process, requiring a lot of thought and consideration. You want to give your case to the best attorney, one who will fight for your rights, and look out for your best interest.

Real Cases, Real Results

This is why Doug Richards is willing to let you hear it straight from his clients — people he has successfully defended, speaking frankly and honestly about their excellent experience working with him.


“Doug is a well versed and very experienced attorney that really puts the personal touch into his work! I am truly impressed at how he handled my case so well and always took the time to explain to me what I needed to know. I would (and have) recommend Doug Richards to anyone in need of legal defense!”

– Christopher

“Mr. Richards and his entire staff were excellent to work with. I highly recommend Doug Richards to anyone needing help.”

– Ulysses

“Doug did a great job handling my case. I was particularly impressed with how he handled a police officer’s perjury during my trial.”

– Jason

“There is a severe amount of emotional distress that comes along with being falsely accused of a crime, along with the serious implications the consequences of a conviction hold. Doug and everyone in his office will work tirelessly to defend you, all while guiding you through what might be one of the rougher times you’ll ever experience in your life. He’ll fight tenaciously for you in court to ensure that you get the best outcome possible and fight to protect your rights and dignity with the utmost professionalism you could get from a trial attorney. I highly recommend Doug and his office for legal defense.”

– Nathan

“Doug has represented me on more than one of my cases and I was very pleased with out things went. He made sure I was aware of my options and made me feel comfortable being in court (which is always a scary feeling). I’ve been in contact with him after my cases closed and he’s been more than helpful answering any questions I’ve had, even though it hadn’t been in regards to my case just things I’ve needed assistance with. Great experience!!”

– Stephanie

“Great experience, Doug handled my case with great professionalism and care. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

– Wayne

“Doug is an excellent criminal defense attorney with experience with both state and federal charges. He has knowledge, judgment and the ability to try a case to a jury. I recommend him to anyone facing charges in Colorado.”

– Fred