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Prostitution | Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with prostitution is very serious.  The possibility of jail time is not the only negative aspect.  Many people find the charge brings shame and embarrassment at this charge.  They do not want anyone finding out—especially a spouse.  Friends and family members will react differently to learning you have been charged with prostitution.  We don’t.  We will always be professional and understanding to your legal and emotional needs when facing this charge.

Prostitution is considered a crime of “moral turpitude”.  Being convicted of a crime of moral turpitude can have a drastic impact on your life and future plans.

The charge of prostitution seems simple when it’s read in a rule book.  However, there are many ways you can be caught up in a prostitution charge.  Police agencies often conduct sting operations where they make arrests of prostitutes, customers, and pimps.  As a state prosecutor I assisted in the arrangements for these operations.  I also accompanied the police on sting operations and know that no two cases are alike.  Because of this, entrapment is always a possible defense in these cases.  It is important that you contact our office today so we can start working on your case!

ChargeClassIncarcerationParoleFineProstitutionClass 3 Misdemeanor0 – 6 monthsNone$50 – $750Prostitution (while infected with HIV)Class 5 Felony1 – 3 years2 years$1K – $100KSoliciting for prostitutionClass 3 Misdemeanor0 – 6 monthsNone$50 – $750PanderingClass 5 FelonyClass 3 Misdemeanor1 – 3 years0 – 6 months2 yearsNone$1K – $100K$50 – $750Patronizing a prostitute*Class 1 petty offense0 – 6 monthsNone$0 – $500Patronizing a prostitute (while infected with HIV)Class 6 Felony1 year – 18 months1 year$1K – $100KPimpingClass 3 Felony4 years – 12 years2 years$3K – $750KProstitute making displayClass 1 petty offense0 – 6 monthsNone$0 – $500Promoting sexual immoralityClass 2 Misdemeanor3 – 12 monthsNone$250 – $1KKeeping a place of prostitutionClass 2 Misdemeanor3 – 12 monthsNone$250 – $1K

* Enhanced to class 1 misdemeanor if you have two priors

If I do not want to fight the charge, is jail the only option?

No, there are many options available.  Depending on your criminal background, employment history, and references, you may be eligible for a variety of sentencing options.

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