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Denver Broncos player arrested and charged with DUI | November 12, 2010


Medical marijuana grower pleads guilty in Denver Federal Court | October 22, 2010


Colorado State Trooper arrested and charged with assault | October 22, 2010


Colorado District Attorney arrested and charged with sex crimes | September 30, 2010


Arvada Police Officers face criminal charges | September 10, 2010


Hell’s Angels leader indicted on federal gun charges | August 31, 2010


Colorado man extradited from Argentina to face Ponzi scheme chargesAugust 30, 2010

Trial over Thanksgiving Day standoff ends with conviction for Denver manMay 30, 2010

Arapahoe jury convicts sex offenderMay 10, 2010

Colorado State Trooper charged with drunk driving, BAC twice legal limitMarch 26, 2010

Denver man arrested for pimping teenage girlMarch 23, 2010

Teenagers rob Good Samaritan, strike in head with hammerMarch 22, 2010

Undercover sting results in Eagle County morphine bustMarch 18, 2010


Love triangle ends in murder convictionMarch 17, 2010

Suspected murderer receives 5 years on unrelated firearms chargeMarch 16, 2010

Willie Clark convicted in murder of Broncos cornerback Darrent WilliamsMarch 12, 2010

Convicted sex offender will be jailed until the year 2202March 11, 2010

Eagle County resident charged with cocaine distributionMarch 10, 2010

Boulder transient attacks mother holding young childMarch 9, 2010

Colorado man indicted in $3.5 million dollar embezzlement schemeMarch 8, 2010

Denise Richards to be added as witness in case against Charlie SheenMarch 4, 2010


Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood charged in February shooting | March 3, 2010

Registered Sex Offender Arrested in Chelsea King DisappearanceMarch 1, 2010

Denver Busdriver/ Terror Suspect Pleads GuiltyFebruary 23, 2010