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Denver Drunk Driving Defense Attorney | Colorado DUI / DWAI Laws

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Been Arrested for Drunk Driving In Colorado?

You need the best DWI Attorney you can find for your case.

First Offense…a lifetime of consequences

Being arrested for drunk driving in Denver or anywhere in Colorado can be an intensely emotional experience. For most people, a DUI/DWAI arrest is the first time they have ever been arrested. However, due to the strict penalties for driving drunk in Colorado, you may feel as though you have committed a capital offense.

Multiple Offense DUI/DWAI in Colorado

Repeat offender…stricter punishments

If you have a prior conviction for drunk driving in Denver or the surrounding areas in Colorado, the police and prosecutor will likely treat you very harshly.  There is little sympathy for repeat DUI offenders in Colorado, especially Denver, as the authorities feel the message just did not get through the first time.  Now, more than ever, you need an aggressive and skilled DUI/DWI defense attorney by your side. More importantly if you have been accused of committing a Federal Drunk Driving Offense such as Vehicular Homicide, I can defend your case where many DWI attorney not admitted to Federal Court would not be able to defend you.

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How to handle being Arrested for Drunk Driving in Colorado

Take the first step to putting this behind you

There are many things your DUI attorney should consider if you have been arrested in Colorado for drunk or impaired driving.

Did the Denver or Colorado State police officer overstate any impairment?

Did the breath test machine malfunction?

Did you simply make a poor decision?

What’s most important in your DWI case  is that you make a decision on your representation and how you want arrest handled.  The first step towards getting your life back is to go to court with a skilled DUI defense attorney standing next to you. I used to prosecute DUI cases and know how prosectors think.  Hiring a former DUI prosecutor can demonstrate to the prosecutor of your Drunk Driving case that you are serious about defending your freedom and reputation against the charge.  Hiring the best DUI attorney in Colorado shows the prosecutor and the court that you will fight against the consequences that a conviction can bring.

Important Information About Being Arrested for DUI/DWI in Colorado